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LGV Handling Systems

The installation of the first LGV handling systems supplied into the UK by an Italian manufacturer. The exacting scope was to install and commission the system alongside the existing equipment that was still in production whilst minimising disruption to production.
The new system was unproven and had not been completely tested. This required us to carry out large modifications and design improvements. When integrating the new with the old we adopted a seemless link strategy to guarantee no production disruption and the smoothest transition possible.

Equipment Servicing

A European manufacturer with a UK based sales agent employ our engineers to service all of their equipment that is sold into the UK market.
We were originally commissioned to install the plant but now carry out biannually surveys and annual overhauls.

Engineering Cover

A large UK based multi-national organisation carry a skeleton maintenance crew but require engineering cover 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We supplement their small maintenance department with our extensive engineering resource and supply engineering cover for accident, sickness and holidays.

The net result is lower on-going costs for the client and their peace of mind of knowing that we are there should they need cover at short notice.

Automated Picking Line

The project: To install and modify an automated package picking line whilst the main system remained in full production.

The aim: To install the new handling equipment and then develop a temporary strategy whilst the existing equipment was modified to enable suitable product handling techniques in the key stages of picking fast moving items and packing thereof.

The result: All the objectives were achieved within the allocated timescale - without any disruption to the production process.


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