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Project Management

At PACKSERVE we are able to provide a full project management service - from complete factory relocations, new equipment installations and packaging line modifications.

To every project, large or small, we bring a combination of technical expertise, extensive experience and sound management practice.

When dealing with capital investments, we can provide a management service for a part or the whole of a project life cycle, from feasibility study and project design to the commissioning and related training and operation.

We concentrate on designing and implementing the specified projects within the three principal areas of:


Throughtout any project, we stress clear communication. Upon completion it is our standard practice to follow-up promptly with maintenance and service to ensure the full and effective function of your facility.

Project Life Cycle

Carry out Feasibility Study
Work wih client to help draw up specification.
Outline design
Project cost
Identify project benefits
Carry out financial analysis versus company hurdle rate
Prepare report with recommendation
Project design
Prepare detailed specification
Prepare detailed designs
Prepare tender documentation for contractors to quote against
Prepare detailed costings
Submit project for company approval
Project document prepared including detailed design and financial evaluation
Project management
Prepare and manage project to timescale
Co-ordinate multi contract interfaces
Manage contract interfaces
Act as competent person as per CDM regulations
Liase with customer throughout
Training, documentation and maintenance
Review skill profile of end users
Prepare training programmes to support projects and where necessary include problem solving techniques, quick size changes and RCM analysis
Co-ordinate and prepare all documentation and drawings
Provide final maintenance programme to support ongoing reliability
Prepare commissioning plan to suit customer requirements
Commission new plant to agreed timescales
Carry out H & S risk analysis
Review success of project life cycle with client
Review final benefits and specification versus original study


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